Accept safe, stable cryptocurrency with our Dappos POS app

Dappos is a free POS (point of sale) app that allows merchants to accept safe, stable cryptocurrencies such as USDC (US Dollar Coin) without any transaction fees.  Technically there is a small transaction fee of a few pennies but this is paid by the customer.

Dappos is a web-based app which means that you can access it from a browser on any computer, tablet or smartphone.  Accept USDC directly into your Coinbase account, convert it 1:1 to USD and transfer it to your bank all with no fees.

We recommend USDC for use in commerce because it is “issued by regulated and licensed financial institutions that maintain full reserves of the equivalent fiat currency.”  In other words you don’t have to worry about it losing value.

In the future we will be offering a premium subscription version of Dappos with additional functionality such as transaction reporting and a 99.95% uptime guarantee.