USDC Cryptocurrency POS (Point of Sale) App

We are pleased to offer you the first POS app that works with new stablecoins such as USDC! This app is called Dappos and can be accessed by clicking on the icon below. In the future we plan to add new functionality such as invoicing and reporting. Contact us with your feature requests.

Click here to launch the Dappos Ethereum Point of Sale App
Click to launch the Dappos POS app

After you launch the app click on the logo on the upper left to open settings:

Click here to open the Dappos settings

Then click on “Signin” to create a new account or sign in if you already have one. By creating an account all of your settings, items for sale in your custom menu and transaction history will be saved for you.

Click on "Signin" to sign into your Dappos account or create a new one if you don't already have one

Enter your email address to sign into your account or create a new account if you don’t already have one:

Enter your email to sign in or create a new account

If you already have an account enter your password. Otherwise add a password to create a new account. You can click on the “eye” icon to show your password:

Create a password for your Dappos account

Then click on “Account settings” to set up your account:

Select your fiat currency which is USD if you are in the United States:

Select USD as your fiat currency in the United States

Here you will insert your Ethereum wallet address to receive your cryptocurrency payments. You can cut and paste this address from your Coinbase account. If you will be accepting USDC be sure you use your unique Coinbase USDC address otherwise your payment will be lost. We recommend setting “Required confirmation count to 1.” Also choose “mainnet” to connect to the live Ethereum blockchain.

Configure your Dappos settings

Then click on “Add new ERC-20 token” if you want to accept USDC:

Click "Add new ERC-20 token" to add USDC

Then enter “USDC” as the token symbol, “6” as the number of decimals and then the USDC contract address:


Turn off the fiat conversion because USDC is always equal to one US dollar, there is no need for conversion. If you want to accept other types of cryptocurrency Dappos can convert your requested amount into other cryptocurrencies based on current exchange prices.

Add USDC to Dappos

Now you will see your accepted cryptocurrencies – DAI and USDC. DAI is the default and cannot be deleted.

Your accepted cryptocurrencies

Now click on “Edit items” to add items to your POS menu:

Add items to your Dappos menu by clicking on "Edit items"

Click on “Add item” to add to your menu:

Click on "Add item" to add items to your menu

Here we add a bagel and cream cheese to our menu:

Here we add a bagel and cream cheese to Dappos

You can add dollar amounts to the shopping cart by using the number pad or by clicking on the menu items. When entering amounts using the number pad be sure to click on the “+” sign to add to the shopping cart. You are not limited to using one or the other, you can use both. For example you can add “Bagel and cream cheese” from the menu list and then switch to the number pad to add tax or a tip. Always click on the “+” symbol after entering numbers on the number pad.

You can choose the number pad or menu items to add to the shopping cart.

Then click on the blue bar to charge the customer:

Click on the blue bar to charge the customer

This will display the QR code to the customer for payment. The first time you will have to select USDC as your accepted cryptocurrency. Dappos will remember this next time:

Select USDC as your cryptocurrency.

Dappos will then display a QR code for the customer to scan:

Dappos will display a QR code for the customer to scan

Some digital wallets such as the Trust Wallet allow customers to select the transaction “speed” by offering to pay a higher fee. The Coinbase wallet does not have this feature as of this writing. With a fast speed selected Dappos will detect the transaction in about 30-60 seconds at which time you will see a pair of “searching eyes.” A standard transaction will take about 3 minutes to appear:

After a transaction is detected it generally takes about 30 seconds to receive the first “confirmation.” This means that the transaction is officially recorded on the blockchain and will propagate to all other nodes. Dappos will display “success:”

Dappos has received the number of confirmations requested in your settings

Contact us if you have any questions, need assistance or have feedback.